We are doing our first growing tests.  Since we are harvesting from the consumer cycle rather than the growing cycle we had no idea if these seeds would sprout.  It is amazingly exciting to see these results.  While many of these plants may be hybrids and develop as different plants than their parents, in terms of harvesting bio-diversity from free and available resources, this is an interesting beginning.

CLICK THE IMAGES for a nice close up.

Test #1 Roma tomato harvested 9/24/08 an orgainc tomato from a local purchased through Fresh Picks. SPROUTED

Test #2 Unknown mellon harvested 1/19/08 from the SAIC courtyard. SPROUTED

Test #3 Yellow pepper harvested 10/3/08 organic from a local farm in Illinois SPROUTED

Test #4 Watermellon unknown origin SPROUTED

Test #5 Acorn Squash harvested 11/1/08 organic from a local farm purchased through Fresh Pick SPOUTED

Test #6 Sumac collected along Highway 74 in October HYDRATING

Test #7 Persimmon 12/22/08 purchased at a Chicago farmers market SWELLING BUT NO SPROUTING

Test #8 Butternut squash of unknown origin JUST SPROUTING

Test #9 Commercial Cantaloupe harvested 12/5/08 and purchased from Hyde Park Produce SWELLING

Test #10 So Sour Mellon from Stephanie commercial and grown in Mexico SPROUTING

Test #11 Papaya Harvested 12/5/08 and purchased from Hyde Park Produce HYDRATING

Test #12 Avacado Pit (dried) 11/5/08 organic from Whole Foods HYDRATING


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