How To

collect seeds:

1. Once you have selected a fruit or vegetable for seed saving — scrape, cut, or slice seeds from flesh.

2. Place on the linen square we have provided or any absorbent surface.

3. Dry in a cool place.

4. When dried add to the envelopes we have supplied or your own.

For Documentation:

1.  The envelopes we can send you are stamped:

Common Name:
Location Grown:
Obtained From:

You can add or create taxonomy, as you wish.

2. If you are interested in visual documentation, you can photograph the fruit or vegetable, the seeds and/or the final dish you prepared.

To Record Your Seeds:

1. You can add your information as a comment to this blog.

2. You can become an author and post to this blog.

3. You can email us your information and we  will post it to this blog.

Get your seed collecting packet:

Comment on this blog and we will send you a seed saving packet which includes:

Stamped envelopes, small fabric squares that fit directly the envelopes and tuck easily in small spaces for drying, and return envelopes.

Contribute seeds:

To contribute seeds to be distributed or planted:

1.  If you at or near the School of the Art Institute, you can drop them off at Amber’s mail box outside of       Room 150 in the Columbus Building

2.  You can mail them to us.  For a mailing address contact us at

Thank you for seed saving.


7 responses to “How To

  1. Luzon Pahl

    Hi Lia,

    I would love to help you with your project! Please send to me a seed collection kit and I will send to you my seeds (so please tell me know where I should send my mailing address).

    This sounds like a fantastic project and I feel so lucky to be invited to be a part of it.



  2. Pritek

    Do you ship the seed saving packets internationally?

  3. amberginsburg

    I do not think we can receive seeds internationally. There are restrictions on importing produce.

    We can, of course, send you a seed saving kit. You can save your own seed to use or pass them along to friends and neighbors. You need not send your seeds back to us.

    Thank you for asking.


  4. Diana Spencer

    Please send me a seed saving packet. Are you accepting any seeds? Thanks
    Please contact me at my email address for my home address. thanks, Say hi to Lia, I’m her Aunt. love, Diana

  5. amberginsburg

    Dear Diana,

    We will gladly send you a packet. Yes, we are collecting and distributing any seeds you save.

    Will will say hello to Lia and she will see your comment as well.

    Have a great day.


  6. Kadi

    I think that this is a great idea. I think that as part of your seed how-to section you should also make mention of the billions of seeds drying along the sidewalks, in gardens, and forgotten patches of land. There are so many seeds to be retrieved outside of the ones that we find within bought produce in our kitchens. I enjoy walking home from the train to find a wayward plant/flower in seed that I can collect from and add to my stash of next year’s plantings! I will be sending you some seeds from this fall’s rooftop garden harvest. Thank you! Can’t wait to see how the vacant lot planting idea goes…sounds like a beautiful helter skelter growing hodgepodge, I love it.

  7. Kadi

    Also, it would be really cool to see an online archive that lists what seeds you receive.

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