Georgia Sweet Candy Roaster

Date: 10/14/08
Common Name: Georgia Sweet Candy Roaster
Location Grown: Wolfe Farms, Monticello, IL
Obtained From: Wolfe Farms
Use: As a tureen to bake chili

I had never seen this variety of squash. It looks like a huge torpedo and I assumed the taste would be mealy and dry. My experience with with large squash is overgrown zucchini and taste definitely does not improve with size for that variety.   No so with the Georgia Sweet.  The taste was close to a delicate pumpkin but without any of the stringiness.  The torpedo shape held its form better than a pumpkin and the skin was more delicate.  Basically, this squash beats pumpkins hands down.


  • Make your favorite chili
  • cut an opening in the top of the squash and scoop out seeds and and innards
  • place chili in squash and add “lid”
  • Bake at 350 for one hour or until warm and soft
  • Scoop flesh of Georgia Sweet with every scoop of chili


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2 responses to “Georgia Sweet Candy Roaster

  1. Justine Parker

    YUMMMM! Do you have to cook the chili totally before hand? …or just partially as it cooks more in the oven?

  2. amberginsburg

    I cooked the chili fully before baking it in the squash. That seems to work. It think if you had to bake it long enough to really cook the chili, the squash would fall apart or become a bit bland. The Candy Roaster had a wonderful flavor, bright and mild.

    Happy cooking.


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